Distillation Services


Do you grow lavender?

If the answer is yes, you may be looking for somewhere or someone to distill your Lavender flowers into 100% pure essential lavender oil. You have come to the right website, we have a commercial essential oil distillery that can distill from a few to 100's of kilos of flowers.

We are equipped with two versatile sizes of still baskets:
30kg and 100kg we can cater for most needs.



Here is the oil floating on top of the lavender water - Our final Product 100% pure!

HVPB - Pacific Blue Lavender Essential Oil 5mls



How do you know that we will look after your lavender crop and produce quality essential oil from it?

We have been distilling lavender Essential Oil in custom designed 'stills' that Keith has built since 1982.

The first still just sat on top of our stove and it worked well, but was a bit small.

Thanks to Keith's expertise we have modified and refined our distillation processes and in 1990 we opened up our distillery to contract extraction due to demand and we now have a top award winning Essential oil Distillery that we are very proud of.

We can inform you on the best times to harvest your lavender, The correct way to store it after picking so you dont lose oil content and can answer many questions about the industry to help you out.

We have produced two award winning essential oils from our distillation process for ourselves, A Silver and A Gold and many others who distill with us have achieved success also.

Breaking News this year we received another Silver for our Pacific Blue 2015 in the Lavender 2016 Competition

In last years 2015 competition we received 
Three  Silvers for our Impress Purple Lavandin Oils
and a Gold and Silver for Avice Hill.
  Winning oils available on website soon.